Monday, August 3, 2009

08-03-09: What has Cory done for Bacolod?

What has Cory done for Bacolod?

On August 1, 2009, President Aquino died due to complications of colon cancer. We would like to specifically highlight her achievements that we believe she made the biggest difference in:

1. She has brought us freedom against a regime of violence and corruption of Marcos.

2. She has brought us economic stability by bringing down the corruption of Estrada and his inability to manage the economy.

3. She prayed for us and she prayed for those that tried to take her out of power.

4. She showed us that anyone can be the president, even a simple house wife.

5. She showed women can do anything and paved the way for equality in women.

6. She showed that the United States is not an evil empire but an ally.

7. She showed us that humility goes hand in hand with leadership.

Rest in Peace Ms. President, you will be missed.

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