Sunday, February 1, 2009

02-01-09: Convergys agent robbed in Bacolod (again)

Bacolod call center agents from Convergys and TeleTech have been targeted in the past few weeks by robbers on motorcycles.

It happened again on Wednesday to Convergys employee Charmaine Yelo, 18, of Ramylu Drive in Barangay Tangub. Yelo reported that two men threatened her with a knife and a gun before taking her bag containing a Nokia cell phone, P500 in cash, bank cards, an ID card, and a makeup kit. This incident happened just a few meters away from her home. She was slightly injured as she fought back.


choy2020 said...

does the local gov doin somethin about this? do they care?

Rhea_Ü said...

Charmaine is one of my closest friends in CVG, its not surprising to know that this happens but really mortifing to realize that the person concerned is someone you know and whos life was threatened, I hope that the government will make this city safer, not just for the privilleged but for everyone and that the justice system should implement harsher punishment for people who dare to threaten the life of another.